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Merging beatdown/slam, children's pop and all-round cancer. Just download the album, it's free you fucking dickhead. It's fun for the whole family. You, your wife, your kids, Tyrone the black guy your wife sleeps with, Tyrone and your wife's kids, etc. Why are you even still reading this? Just download the fucking album already, you fucking cuck. ... more

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Track Name: Getting Her Pregnant For The Sole Purpose Of Pushing Her Down The Stairs And Shouting "Double Kill"
You told me to pull out,
Because you weren't on the pill,
But I had other plans,
Involved you being killed,

Waiting until you're 8 months in,
In fact you're nearly there,
Now would be the perfect time,
To push you down the stairs,

Double kill,
I yell,
I tell the doctor's,
You just fell,

Killing you and our unborn kid,
Your MILF mum thinks that I'm the shit,
I'm the coolest guy that ever lived,
And now she wants to suck my dick,

There's no downside to this,
While you drown in blood and piss,
Now I won't have to raise that bastard,
Because you missed the bannister,
Track Name: My Black Girlfriend Told Me She Wanted Me To Be Her Daddy During Sex, So I Got Up And Left
Hitting that fine arse from behind,
Going bareback, she didn't mind,
She's just happy to be fucking someone white,
She'd do anything to keep a man in her life,

She's on the bed,
She's spreading her legs,
She looks at me and then she says,
"Come over here daddy, don't make me shout..."
So that's when I got up and got the hell out,

Girls in general with daddy kink,
They just make me fucking sick,
I'm more than happy to give you a fuck,
On one condition. Keep your mouth shut.
Track Name: I Keep All The Forms For Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Down In The Bottom Desk Draw So That I Can See Up Women's Skirts When They Bend Down To Get Them
Bend over cunt, nice arse,
Haha, just kidding,
But it's the best one here,

You don't have any rights in this place,
Not while you still have tits,
I'm not going to lie, I got lazy on this song,
I want to move onto a better idea.
Track Name: I Searched For Domestic Abuse Help And Learnt How To Beat My Wife Much More Efficiently
A backhand slap,
Just wasn't enough,
I had to find a new way,
To get my wife to shut the fuck up,

She won't let me fuck other women in front of her,
So that stuck-up bitch will get what's coming to her,

Two black eyes,
And a broken nose,
So next time,
Better lick my arsehole,

What did I tell you?
Do what I say!
I fucking hate you,
I'd sooner be gay,

But I don't have a choice.
I have to listen to your horrible voice.
Track Name: Rest In Pieces (In A Bin Behind The Abortion Clinic)
Chav scum,
15 and ready to be a mum?
I don't fucking think so,
So where will this baby go?

Flush down the toilet,
To die in the drain?
I hope they fist the baby out of you,
And the NHS doesn't pay,

With the IQ of a kettle,
You're barely alive,
You're not even 16,
And your boyfriend's 25.
Track Name: I'm Probably Taking This Way Too Far, But I Still Hate You From 2 Full Albums Ago You Piece Of Shit. I Hope You And Your Boyfriend Have 3 Perfect, Beautiful Children, And That They All Get Cancer
I know I've already said,
pretty much everything,
And this kind of song,
Is nothing new,

But it's not my fault,
That I hold a grudge,
And it's not my fault,
I'm so fucking callous,
No it's not my fault,
You pulled this bullshit stunt,
And it's not my fault,
You're still a cunt,

Fuck you,
You hairy fucker,
I wish you fucking shaved,
Fuck you,
You piece of shit,
I'll piss on your grave,

Because when you finally off yourself,
Trust me, I'll laugh,
Because in doggy I had to suffer,
You disgusting hairy back,